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Simple and tight device-independent security proofs
with Renato Renner and Thomas Vidick.
SIAM Journal on Computing, 48(1), 181–225, February 2019. Published version. arXiv:1607.01797.
Presented at QCrypt16 and QIP17.

Device-independent certification of one-shot distillable entanglement
with Jean-Daniel Bancal.
New Journal of Physics, January 2019. Published version. arXiv:1712.09369.

Practical device-independent quantum cryptography via entropy accumulation
with Frédéric Dupuis, Omar Fawzi, Renato Renner and Thomas Vidick.
Nature Communications 9, January 2018. Published version.
Short version of arXiv:1607.01797. (Related News & Views).

Noise-tolerant testing of high entanglement of formation
with Henry Yuen.
International Colloquium of Automata, Languages, and Programming (ICALP), July 2018. Published version. arXiv:1712.09368.

Device-independent randomness amplification and privatization
with Max Kessler.
arXiv:1705.04148, May 2017.
Presented at QCrypt17.

Quantum-proof multi-source randomness extractors in the Markov model
with Christopher Portmann and Volkher B. Scholz.
11th Conference on the Theory of Quantum Computation, Communication and Cryptography (TQC 2016), LIPIcs:2016:6683, September 2016. Published version. arXiv:1510.06743.
Presented at QIP16 and QCrypt16.

Non-signalling parallel repetition using de Finetti reductions
with Renato Renner and Thomas Vidick.
IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, Issue: 99, January 2016. Published version. arXiv:1411.1582.

de Finetti reductions for correlations
with Renato Renner.
J. Math. Phys. 56, 052203, May 2015. Published version. arXiv:1308.0312.

Limits of privacy amplification against non-signalling memory attacks
with Amnon Ta-Shma.
Phys. Rev. A 86, 062333, December 2012. Published version. arXiv:1211.1125.
Presented at QCrypt13.

Towards the impossibility of non-signalling privacy amplification from time-like ordering constraints
with Esther Hänggi and Amnon Ta-Shma.
arXiv: 1205.3736, May 2012.